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The owners of household air conditioners for the most part do not think about the fact that this technique requires periodic inspection and maintenance.

As a result, the failure of the installation becomes an unpleasant surprise for them at the most inopportune moment. Many users tend to blame the air conditioner manufacturer or supplier for such cases.

It does not even occur to them that the breakdown of the air conditioner is the result of its thoughtless operation. Meanwhile, all that was necessary was to worry about timely maintenance of the equipment. Our company is engaged in the maintenance of air conditioners of such brands as Daikin, fujista, sumsung etc

In general, household appliances do not require periodic maintenance. Vacuum cleaners and TVs, for example, will last for many years before the first breakdown.

If you do not carry out periodic preventive maintenance of the air conditioner, then in a couple of years expect a major breakdown. It doesn’t matter how much it cost.

Unless the more expensive one (crammed with more protection against misuse) may simply refuse to work in inappropriate conditions.

Some users try to do without the help of specialists, but you can only wash the internal filter yourself.

It is impossible to establish a possible malfunction, which has not yet manifested itself clearly, without some experience.

And it is completely unrealistic to clean the outdoor unit of the split-system, which is suspended on the wall of a high-rise building. It is easier for the user and more useful for the air conditioner to place it in the safe hands of the service department.


There are three types of professional air conditioner maintenance:

  • diagnostic;
  • planned;
  • one-time.

Diagnostics is the cheapest type of professional service. Its purpose is to check the condition of individual components of the air conditioning system:

  • drainage system;
  • compressor emergency shutdown systems;
  • electrical wiring.

In the process of diagnostics, the master examines the air conditioner for external damage, if necessary, fill the system with freon and clean the air filters. Cleaning the heat exchanger is also included in the list of air conditioner diagnostics.

Diagnostics is an activity to prepare the installation for the working season.

You can agree on the time of a visit to your apartment by the master in advance, then you will not have to change your plans or take time off from work.

With this operating mode, the air conditioner filters are more often contaminated, the level of freon in the cooling system drops. The scheduled maintenance schedule is negotiated with the owner of the air conditioner in advance, the company keeps a record of visits to your apartment.

But if you use the air conditioner no more than ten to twenty times a season (that is, you turn it on from time to time), a one-time maintenance service will suit you: you call the master as needed.

You will do the right thing if you plan two visits to the foreman: before the start of the hot season – to prepare the installation for work, and in October – to prepare it for winter.


Generally, two reasons lead to global breakdowns of air conditioners: clogging of filters and leakage of freon.

The location of the air conditioner affects the intensity of filter clogging. For example, equipment placed in a kitchen or dining room clogs up very quickly.

Moreover, not only the filter, but also the air conditioner itself is overgrown with dirt . It is not enough to rinse the filters frequently. They periodically need to be replaced with new ones, since they lose their shape from frequent washing.

Freon refueling is most often required after two seasons. There are brands that can boast of high tightness of pipelines, but these are in the minority on the market.


Arriving at the place, the master will first of all check whether you are using the air conditioner correctly and test the operation of the control panel.

Take the moment – ask him any questions related to the operation of the air conditioner. Because the following types of work are complex and the specialist is unlikely to be distracted by conversations. What will he do?

  • Will check the operation of your air conditioner in all its modes.
  • He will check the health of the drainage system and, if necessary, eliminate creases and leaks. The scope of work also includes drainage cleaning.
  • Controls the inlet / outlet temperature on the indoor unit.
  • After that, the master will start cleaning the case, filters of the indoor unit and its blinds.
  • Next in line is flushing. During this operation, the master will clean the evaporator of the indoor unit.
  • Check the freon line for leaks. If a leak is found, it will eliminate it and add freon.
  • Tightens all threaded wire connections, if necessary, replace fuses and tips, clean oxidized contacts.
  • It will diagnose the air conditioner by pressure and temperature.
  • Check the health of the fan blades and electric motors.
  • It will diagnose the operation of the automation and the electric motor of the outdoor unit (if you have a split system).
  • Inspect the thermal insulation of the freon duct and fix its malfunctions.
  • Clean the outdoor unit heat exchanger using a pressure washer, steam generator or compressed air.

The choice of equipment depends on several factors:

  • block location;
  • the nature of the pollution;
  • degree of pollution.
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