Toilet Blockage Remover Service in Dubai

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Pipe cleaning and unblocking

The water in your  Sink Or Toilet is no longer flowing? Is an overwhelming odor rising in your pipes? Are you experiencing a damage and / or problem with a blocked pipe? A water leak or an obstruction in your pipe can cause serious damage.

Our company specializes in unblocking pipes, columns, drains, toilets, etc. We have a team of professionals as well as a water sewer truck which will succeed in eliminating all kinds of blockages and obstructions, and that, even very in depth. So, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp/calling.

Unclog a Clogged Toilet

How to unclog the toilet? How to unclog your toilet when it is blocked? This is usually the first question we ask ourselves when faced with these kinds of problems. Wouldn’t it be better to first know what are the reasons behind the clogged toilets? Then, what are the consequences of blocked toilet pipes? And finally, how to unblock the toilet?

What are the causes of blocked pipes?

There are many causes that contribute to the clogging of toilets.

Among these we have:

  • The evacuation of feminine hygiene products.
  • Introducing excessively thick toilet paper, diapers, paper towels, non-disposable baby wipes, paper towels etc.
  • Household waste.
  • The hair.

Obviously, there can be other causes of toilet clogging such as obsolescence, clogging of the drain pipe or many other things.

What are the consequences of toilet blockages?

Obviously, when the pipes of your toilets are clogged, your toilets are practically useless, and even worse, they give off a foul odor which pollutes the air and greatly reduces its quality, and if your toilets end up in your room or apartment, the risk of getting sick is very high because air is a gas and cannot be trapped in the perimeter of your bathroom.

So what is the point of having a toilet if it is still a source of illness or no longer fulfills its role? Hence the need to unclog your toilet pipes as quickly as possible.

If your toilet is clogged, how do you unclog it?

There are several methods of unblocking and clearing the passage for the different human needs in the toilet. We distinguish in particular:

  • The usual method.
  • The classic method.
  • The natural and chemical method.

Unclogging with a bucket of hot water

It’s a simple method of unclogging the toilet and proven to work with small clogs. It is a real toilet unblocker.

Unblocking with classic tools

This method includes various options namely:

  • Unblocking with suction cup or empty water bottle.
  • Unblocking with a special hose.
  • Unblocking with a ferret.
  • Unblocking with a mop.

Use of an unblocking product

This method consists of unclogging the toilet with a natural or chemical product. There are several options namely:

  • Unblocking with white vinegar.
  • Unblocking with Coca-Cola.
  • Unclogging with liquid dish soap.
  • Unclogging with vinegar and baking soda.
  • Unblocking with a hanger.
  • The use of a chemical that can be bought in supermarkets.

Call an expert plumber to unclog your bathroom

While there are basic ways to clear your toilet on your own, in many cases it becomes imperative to hire a plumber. The intervention of a specialist craftsman is essential to make your task easier because the various methods described are not 100% effective. If you decide to unclog your toilet on your own, you may go from one method to another until you apply all the possible options you know without being able to unclog your toilet. By doing this, you save a huge loss, be it financial, energy… and even your time because these operations require enough time.

Indeed, unblocking bathrooms requires enough effort, experience and intelligence, because it is a question of detecting the source of the fault in order to know the method to apply in order not to do the work. that will not be useful at all. If you set out to do whatever is convenient for you to unclog your toilet without knowing the source of the clog, you make it worse and lose more. So it is not at all obvious that you save money when you intervene on your own to unclog your toilet.

You necessarily need an expert plumber who is knowledgeable in the field. It will quickly eradicate all the bad consequences such as foul odors or total blockage that can prevent you from using the toilet altogether.

Our establishment Plumber In Dubai , is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any WC unblocking intervention and this at a lower cost as our name explicitly says ”  Cheap  “.

Our professional plumbers are always there to serve you on an ongoing basis, call us when you need our intervention. Our know-how is well established! We have many years of experience in unblocking toilets. When we do a job, we put all our energy into doing it, above all by taking care of the quality so that the customer is not disappointed. Therefore, we are at your entire disposal for maximum satisfaction.

Our intervention at your home will be beneficial to you because in addition to carrying out your unblocking work, we will give you practical advice so that you keep your toilets in good condition. We do a careful job because that is our motto. We focus on the how and not just the repair. Do not hesitate to call us. Your satisfaction is our aim.

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