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How to do replace Bathtub Wih Shower?

The walk-in shower is more and more popular in the bathroom! Most of the time we don’t use the tub to take a bath but to shower. Replacing a bathtub with a shower has many advantages: ease of access, water savings, overhead shower, ease of maintenance, etc.

The problem is that to make a walk-in shower, you have to break everything, or almost. Once the bathtub has been removed, you have to redo the tiling, you have to embed the water supplies… it’s a project lasting several days with complex work.

The Elmer shower sets itself apart by offering both simple and quick installation for a result of the same quality. The installation of the Elmer shower is done in less than a day!

The concept with its compact panels makes it possible to hide the missing tiling and the pipes while ensuring the waterproofing of the walls.

The Elmer shower adapts to all bathrooms , regardless of the size of the bathtub to be replaced and the desired shower.

You can do the installation yourself if you are a handyman thanks to the quick and easy assembly, or by a qualified professional from our Plumberindubai network.

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