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It is clear that for a long, high-quality and flawless operation of climatic equipment, it is necessary to service air conditioners from time to time. This allows the devices to work for a long time, delighting the owners with coolness in summer and keeping them warm in winter. I would like to tell you about the maintenance of air conditioners in more detail. It will be about what will help you know all the subtleties, details and nuances that can arise in such a complex and responsible business.

No matter how good the technique is, it needs to be cleaned periodically. Like other items in the house. It’s just not enough just to wipe the air conditioner with a cloth from dust and dirt. It works with large volumes of air, and this involves clogging the filters – in some cases they are changed. In addition, cleaning is also about identifying hidden faults and defects. They can be caused not only by the human factor, but also by the influence of the environment. So it turns out that cleaning air conditioners is also a service and a full cycle of preventive maintenance.

Today, there are various options for such service. If you use the air conditioner for six months or less, then prevention is sufficient once a year. If the equipment works longer, then it is better to order seasonal service. As a rule, this is cleaning twice a year – at the end of the season or before it starts. An individual scheme is suitable for those who have climate control equipment working on an ongoing basis. You can find out which type of service is the most preferable from the employees of our company. We have been working on the market for 2 years and have vast experience in this area.

Service maintenance of air conditioners from the Plumberindubai company includes:

  • departure of the employee to the object;
  • cleaning filters, impeller, heat exchanger;
  • inspection of the drainage system;
  • checking the fasteners of the air conditioner units;
  • control of working pressure;
  • adding freon.

We know how to properly service air conditioners. We advise you to order this service on an ongoing basis. This includes discounts for all procedures, as well as for repair work, if necessary. Our company has everything that may be needed to service climatic equipment at a high and quality level. In our work, only modern and high-quality materials are used, which means that all stages of the air conditioner maintenance will be done at a really high level, in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable cost.

The company “plumberindubai” has long been known in the market of Kazan and the entire region. We work with businesses and individuals. The experience and qualifications of the employees are confirmed by long experience and work in the market. With us, your HVAC technology will always be in perfect condition. The main thing is to do service of air conditioners on time. You can clarify all the details and nuances about the HVAC equipment from the company’s consultants by calling or sending a written request to our email address. Contact the professionals!

Refueling air conditioners 

In addition to repairs, from time to time it is required to carry out work on refueling climatic equipment with freon. This procedure is performed 1-2 times a year, depending on the model of the air conditioner and the frequency of its use. A lot depends on the correct filling, including the quality of cooling and the duration of operation. It is difficult to fill the air conditioner yourself, if improperly performed, this technique may fail or work not at full capacity.

The company “Plumberindubai” has been working with climatic equipment from the world’s most famous manufacturers for 5 years. This allows us to position the Plumberindubai company as professionals in this area. All work is carried out by high-class specialists. They know how to correctly repair an air conditioner and refuel it with freon. All work performed is guaranteed.

By contacting us, you will not worry about what parts are needed, what needs to be done, etc. The renovation work will be completed as soon as possible. The guarantee allows you not to worry about the further operation of the equipment. We promise that after repair the air conditioner will last a long time and will delight you with its high-quality work. Order air conditioner repair and refueling services from us!

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