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Plumberindubai Provides the Expert, Fast, And Professional Service of AC Maintenance in Al Barsha Dubai. We are Hiring Expert and Educated Peoples in Our Company. Our staff is user friendly. So, Feel Free To Contact Us any time 24 /7.

“Plumberindubai” – maintenance and repair of air conditioners in Dubai. The list of services of our service center includes the repair and maintenance of household and industrial climate control units of various types of complexity. All the foremen of the service team are highly qualified professionals with engineering education, whose work is aimed at the earliest possible elimination of a malfunction in the operation of the air conditioning system.

One of the services of our center is the conclusion of a long-term contract for the maintenance of industrial climate control equipment. This service implies the scheduling of visiting the masters who will periodically diagnose the HVAC equipment in production, as well as carry out comprehensive preventive work. The conclusion of this agreement will extend the service life of industrial air conditioners and adjust their operation in the desired mode.

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Even the most expensive and reliable HVAC equipment needs regular maintenance.

Regular inspection of equipment by specialists guarantees a long service life of products, increasing it to limit values that often go beyond the official forecasts specified in the documentation of the devices

What does the process of servicing air conditioners include

Systematic and high-quality cleaning of climatic equipment is a guarantee of a healthy microclimate in your home, a guarantee of long and trouble-free operation. Due to the complexity of modern split systems, this work should be performed only by true masters of their craft, who have experience in servicing air conditioners of different manufacturers, models, designs.

Split system cleaning is a complex process that includes several sequential stages:
  • cleaning of contamination of the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit, if necessary – high-pressure apparatuses;
  • disinfecting treatment of the indoor unit evaporator;
  • cleaning the case, impeller and fan of the indoor unit;
  • removal of dirt from the drainage and filtration systems;
  • equipment diagnostics – identification and elimination of hidden faults

We work with objects

Residential buildings


Office centers



About company

Plumberindubai is one of the leaders in the climate system service market in Al Barsha Dubai. We maintain our position thanks to the staff, which consists of trained professionals with extensive experience. The technical equipment of the teams carrying out the repair and maintenance of the climatic equipment complies with modern standards and the latest achievements of the industry.

Departure is carried out as quickly as possible

departure of the brigade within 4 hours from the moment of receiving the application

We advise clients on any issues

associated with the use of climatic equipment and its working condition.

Own service center

meets modern standards and the latest achievements of the industry

We work with equipment of any complexity

split systems, chiller-fan coil systems, VRF systems and ventilation equipment