Looking For AC Maintenance in Production City Dubai

Then our company Plumberindubai is provided Expert and Fast Service in Production City Dubai. So feel free to Contact Us 24/7 anytime. We are available Via WhatsApp/Calling: 0568770106. So, Regularly thinking about the maintenance of your air conditioning system and making sure that it works well is an essential requirement for safety and economy. An air conditioner is an electrical device that contains a refrigerant: lack of maintenance can lead to breakdowns. But the maintenance of your air conditioning (reversible or not), your ventilation or your heat pump is also a question of safety and not of money.

Plumberindubai Company offers you an adapted after-sales service and a regular maintenance contract.

Why ensure air conditioning maintenance?

Air conditioning maintenance is essential to maintain the air quality in your home. Why? Simply because the air conditioner sucks in air, filters it and sends it back to your room. Imagine the composition of your filters when they are not cleaned well. There are therefore the necessary precautions to avoid any problem: extend the life of your device and above all preserve your health and that of your family, or even that of your customers if you are a professional.

A well-maintained air conditioner is a guarantee of good health and savings. In fact, if the air filter is dusty, there is a good chance that the air you are letting around your home or office is not of good quality. Sometimes the device will display a warning light when the filter is congested. Other air conditioners: it’s up to you to have the right reflex. If you find your device unusually noisy, if you can smell something in the projected air. These are signs that should alert you that there is likely a congestion problem.

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Air conditioner maintenance: the importance of contacting a professional

The maintenance and installation of an air conditioning system is more complex than it seems and includes the management of a refrigerant, sometimes dangerous. The professional is trained in the maintenance of these systems and offers you the guarantee of a successful service and above all adapted to your needs. It installs the air conditioning system in accordance with current regulations and guarantees a safe and permanent installation.

Calling a professional is even compulsory in the eyes of the law. The Environmental Code stipulates that the management and commissioning of an air conditioning system must be carried out by a professional with specific accreditation. They must master the handling of refrigerants to ensure an optimal installation. When purchasing an air conditioner, manufacturers may request an invoice for commissioning. This allows them to guarantee full compliance with the warranty, thus avoiding any liability in the event of problems.

In addition, if you do not have your own air conditioning system installed by a professional, you are not entitled to coverage in the event of equipment failure. Not to mention also the fact that you have no guarantee for the safety of the house and its occupants.

The technician’s role is to ensure the proper functioning of the device, but also to ensure the safety of the occupants of the house in terms of air conditioning.

During commissioning, full maintenance is performed and technical components are checked to make sure everything is in place.

In addition to his technical knowledge, the installer can teach you how to use your air conditioning system correctly.

Air conditioning installer: our skills

Plumberindubai Air-conditioning puts its team of experts and high-performance equipment at your service to ensure total satisfaction during the installation of your air conditioning or heating.

Plumberindubai Air Conditioning’s experienced technicians have a solid knowledge of thermodynamics and electromechanics and also benefit from in-house and field training. They install your air conditioning, air heat pumps and take care of air conditioning maintenance if you opt for a maintenance contract.

Responsive and available, our Plumberindubai Air Conditioning After-Sales Service teams provide you with rapid and efficient technical assistance during troubleshooting or for regular maintenance.

You can subscribe to a maintenance contract which includes:

  • Maintenance of your installation for an annual fee,
  • A warranty only on manufacturer parts  2 to 3 years depending on the brand of equipment installed,
  • If you do not subscribe to the maintenance contract, the labor for the replacement of parts without guarantees will be the subject of an estimate,
  • In the event that you subscribe to it, you do not have to pay anything during the entire duration of the guarantee (except the amount of the annual renewal of the contract).

If you do not subscribe to a maintenance contract, the parts and labor warranty for the equipment is reduced to 1 year.

It is valid against all construction defects, from the date of acceptance of the installation (if the conditions appearing in the contract are met).