AC Maintenance in Remraam Dubai

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Service maintenance of the air conditioner

AC Service maintenance of air conditioners allows you to ensure long and trouble-free operation of your equipment and to avoid costly repairs of the air conditioner. Regular maintenance is required (diagnostics, cleaning, refueling). Maintenance of the air conditioner operating only in the warm season is carried out once a year, and in case of operation of the air conditioner with increased load, 2 times a year.

Service maintenance of the air conditioner includes:

 For indoor units:

  • Filter cleaning;
  • Cleaning the evaporator of the indoor unit with a steam generator, disinfection with an antibacterial agent;
  • Indoor unit fan cleaning;
  • Checking the fixings of indoor units;
  •  Measurement of temperature parameters.

For outdoor units:

  • Checking working pressures – freon;
  • Checking the fastenings of outdoor units;
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit with a high pressure cleaner;
  • Diagnostics of the chassis and electrical parts of the equipment.

Service maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems

Maintenance and service of ventilation and air conditioning systems is a set of works carried out in order to identify potential difficulties and difficulties in the functioning of the system. In addition, service support allows the equipment to return to its original design specifications (including power consumption, material consumption, etc.).

Thus, professional service support is the key to safe and efficient operation of both home and office or industrial climate systems.


The composition of the service maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning

The work performed by specialists as part of the service of ventilation and air conditioners includes:

– diagnostics, correction and control over the basic parameters of the operation of air conditioning and ventilation devices;

– cleaning ventilation from contamination (dust and grease), both from the outside and from the inside, by disassembling the system structures;

– if necessary – change of system parts and installation of new ones;

– if necessary – replacement of filters;

– providing advice on issues related to the operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The Plumberindubai company performs the whole range of works included in the maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as the repair of air conditioners . By entrusting us with technical support, you can be sure of the quality and reliability of their functioning.

Benefits of cooperation with Plumberindubai Company : purchase and maintenance of air conditioners

Having decided to start cooperation with Plumberindubai, you can confidently count on the following advantages of your choice:

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