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Emergency AC Repair Service In Al Warqa Dubai

The air conditioning in the apartment no longer cools Many apartments are kept pleasantly cool in the summer months by air conditioning . If there are problems with the device, the home quickly turns into a small sauna. If the air conditioning in the apartment is no longer cooling properly, there can be many reasons behind it. If the programming shows errors or if the device is dusty, it no longer works properly. A blockage or a leak in the cooling circuit is also a common cause of the problem.

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How much does an air conditioner repair cost?

The repair costs for an air conditioner differ depending on the problem . An air conditioner that only needs to be dusted off or whose exhaust air hose needs to be unblocked can become functional again in the course of free maintenance. If it is an air conditioner with a split, the outdoor unit and indoor unit can be repaired separately. Basically, the costs Finalized On Checking Time & Phone Call : 0568770106

Get the air conditioner running in your own home again

What to do if the air conditioner is broken? You can fix some problems yourself, while others should be fixed by the air conditioning technician . Especially with more complex devices, the advice of professionals helps to get the air conditioning running again quickly and to be able to enjoy a refreshing coolness in your own four walls.

If the air conditioner at home no longer cools properly, the problem can be traced back to various causes. In many cases there is a minor defect that even a layman can quickly rectify. The air conditioning usually no longer works because there is not enough coolant. The refrigerant in the circulatory system is compressed in the air conditioner, which ensures that the agent turns into a liquid state. In order for the liquid refrigerant to be able to evaporate, energy is required in turn.

The hot room air provides the necessary energy. A low refrigerant level is often the result of a leaking line. Every air conditioner owner should therefore first check the level of the refrigerant. If there is a leak, you should contact an air conditioning technician. Care must be taken when handling the refrigerant , so the leak is best repaired by a professional & Emergency AC Repair Service In Al Warqa Dubai.

Don't forget regular cleaning

Many AC also refuse to work if they are not cleaned regularly . An air-conditioned apartment is often exposed to dust and other dirt. At the same time, the device poses a health hazard because the dirt particles are dispersed through the air. Many owners can clean their air conditioner themselves by cleaning the filter. Bacteria, mould , dust or even allergenic substances accumulate in this over the course of the operating time .

The indoor unit also starts to smell. At least once a year you should clean the air conditioning in your apartment. If you cannot do the cleaning yourself, you can also have it professionally cleaned. If the owner wants to clean his AC himself , he needs a compressor and an antibacterial cleaning agent. Water and vinegar work the same way. The operating instructions show how to remove the filter. A blockage in the exhaust air hose, which may have been caused by dirt, can also be removed in the same way.

In the event of programming errors, ask the professionals

If the air conditioner does not show a leak in the cooling system or is clogged and it is cleaned, a programming error can also ensure that the air conditioner no longer cools the apartment.

Programming errors can rarely be fixed by yourself. Here you should definitely seek the advice of an air conditioning technician. He checks the air conditioner in detail. A defective compressor should always be repaired by a professional . Depending on the error, the air conditioning technician can quickly repair the unit. Simple interventions amount to around 120 to 430 AED.

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A defective compressor, on the other hand, can cost between 1200 and 2500 AED. Regular maintenance by the air conditioning technician ensures that expensive repairs do not have to be made in the first place. Some refrigeration technicians offer a special service contract , which is concluded when the unit is purchased. This service contract includes annual cleaning and maintenance of the air-conditioning unit in the apartment.

Maintenance of the device can also be booked separately. The maintenance of a decentralized air conditioning system with an indoor unit and an outdoor unit costs between 200 and 470 CHF. In the course of maintenance, the overall condition of the system is checked. The specialist company also cleans the filters. This makes the device a reliable helper for hot days in the home.

Often, however, it is not clear what causes the malfunction. Then an in-depth diagnosis from a specialist company is the best choice to find a defect and then have it repaired.

If you have problems with the air conditioning in the apartment, contact an air conditioning technician. He will check your device in detail and solve any problems quickly and efficiently. This ensures that your air conditioner can be used for a long time. You can find specialized air conditioning technicians near you on plumber in dubai

What problems are typical for an air conditioner?

An air conditioning apartment can have various faults. Typical here are

  • Leak in the cooling system
  • low coolant level
  • Dust or dirt in the filter
  • Clogging of the exhaust hose
  • Programming error in the system

You can easily remove dust from the filter or clean the exhaust air hose yourself using the assembly instructions. The air conditioning technician will help with other problems.

Why should an air conditioner be serviced regularly?

The cleaning of filters can be carried out independently at any time. However , during maintenance , the air conditioning technician will check whether the unit is working properly . It is particularly important to regularly remove dust from air conditioners that you use for dehumidification . The first problems with the compressor, the exhaust air hose or the cooling system also appear during maintenance.

What types of air conditioning systems does the professional repair?

Basically, the air conditioning technician repairs every air conditioning unit in the apartment. This means that owners with a split air conditioner can turn to a professional just like they would with a standard air conditioner. The air conditioning technician comes to the apartment to check and examine the entire unit. If the air conditioning has to be repaired on site, this can be done directly in the apartment without dismantling the indoor and outdoor units.

Who repairs or maintains an air conditioning apartment?

The air conditioning technician is the right contact person for any problems with the air conditioning system. The professional is able to check simple and complex air conditioning units for a wide variety of errors. In the case of a decentralized air conditioner or a split air conditioner with dehumidification, it checks both the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. Maintenance work can either be purchased when purchasing the air conditioner or requested later.

Why would an air conditioning technician fix an air conditioner’s problems?

There is no complex structure behind many air conditioners. However, the air conditioning technician is able to identify problems and errors quickly and to rectify them professionally. Especially in the case of programming errors or a leak in the cooling system, you should contact the air conditioning technician. The coolant is considered hazardous to health and must therefore not be handled improperly.

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