Emergency AC Repair Service In Jumeirah Park Dubai

We Provides For All Kind Of Emergency AC Repair Service In Jumeirah Park Dubai

If you need any Emergency AC Repair Service In Jumeirah Park Dubai, then feel free & don't hesitate to contact us any time.

Here you will find cheap Service for your air conditioning repair

Our company PLUMBERINDUBAI  provides the all kind of AC ( Chiller, Split, Window ) Repairing, Maintenance & Cleaning Services in Dubai & their Surrounded Areas.

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Emergency AC Repair Service In Jumeirah Park Dubai

The hand reaches for the remote control, the wait lasts an eternity, but the pleasant coolness (warmth) does not arise. Cause? Your air conditioner just refuses to work. Where is he, the installer who installed the air conditioners and promised that the equipment would work flawlessly? So, in vain the installation of air conditioners was entrusted to the master, who offered the cheapest cost of this service! As a result, even such reliable equipment as Daikin air conditioners breaks down without having worked even for six months.

Air conditioner: what is the reason for its breakdown?

It doesn’t matter if Mitsubishi air conditioners or Samsung air conditioners or any other brand of AC are installed in your office or apartment. They fail simply because they were not cared for at all or were not carried out properly.

The most common causes of failure include the following factors:

  • The choice of equipment was made incorrectly;
  • The installation of air conditioners was carried out by an unqualified installer;
  • The operation of the equipment was carried out in violation of the regime recommended by the instruction;
  • Air conditioners have not been serviced periodically.

Take into account! Signs of improper operation of the equipment are noise, crackling and odor, fluid leakage or discoloration of the filters. Even more annoying is the growth of mold attacking the fan impeller, the edges of the drain pan and the surface of the evaporator.

In order for your air conditioner to work really flawlessly, it is recommended to carry out service maintenance of all components and mandatory cleaning of the equipment 2 times a year. Preventive maintenance is carried out in anticipation of the onset of the active season or immediately after its completion.

Company "Plumber in Dubai Service": if not us, then who?

The company “Plumber In Dubai Service” takes care of all the concerns associated with the repair and maintenance of your equipment. Our experts will help you choose an air conditioner, install it qualitatively and perform the following work in a timely manner:

  • Cleaning the drainage system, external heat exchanger and filters of the indoor unit;
  • Conformity control of parameters (internal block);
  • Checking the pressure (working) in the system;
  • Refueling (if necessary) with freon.

We guarantee not only the highest level of service, but also pleasant discounts provided for our regular customers.

  • By concluding a service agreement, each owner of the air conditioner receives a guaranteed discount of 5% to 10%
  • When servicing from 3 air conditioners at one address, you get a 5% to 10% discount.
  • By concluding contracts for a period of 1 year (two-time service), you get an additional discount, the amount of which is determined depending on the number of serviced air conditioners.

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