Emergency AC Repair Service in Meadows Dubai

Hire Emergency AC Repair Service in Meadows Dubai

Our company PLUMBERINDUBAI  provides the all kind of AC ( Chiller, Split, Window ) Repairing, Maintenance & Cleaning Services in Dubai & their Surrounded Areas. If you need any Service then feel free & don't hesitate to contact us any time, we are providing 24 Hours Services via WhatsApp/Phone Calling/Messaging

Why maintenance or repair on my air conditioner is important:

Take a deep breath and enjoy the cleanest and healthiest air you have ever had at home. Because by repair & maintaining your air conditioner exclusively from a licensed refrigerant, you maximize the efficiency of the device, extend its life and take care of your health!

Emergency AC Repair Service in Meadows Dubai

Cleaner atmosphere and better dehumidification

The air carries many kinds of elements, often invisible to the naked eye, that can harm our body. A well-maintained air conditioner does not allow the elements to remain inside and create microorganisms, with the result that the air you breathe is always filtered, fresh and safe.

Economy in electricity consumption, up to 35% and respect for the environment

If you do not maintain your air conditioner, its element and filters will be filled with dirt, the efficiency will drop and the device will work harder to perform, so it will consume more energy. In short, no maintenance equals more operating hours, hence increased power bills!

Maximum efficiency in cooling and heating

When the air conditioner is clean, it performs better. Because if it is not maintained at regular intervals, it is burdened by dust, it does not eliminate the temperature at the right rate and thus, the house is not heated and not cooled properly

Maximum service life for your device and factory warranty

It is well known that anything related to engines and engines, when properly maintained, has a longer service life. Because when the machine is forced to work longer hours and with more power, it can often burn out. (The cost of repairing a compressor costs almost half as much as the device!)

Air Conditioning Maintenance Service:

What the service includes

  • General operation control (indoor-outdoor unit)
  • Control and recording of ambient temperature
  • Check and record outlet temperature
  • Fan-impeller control
  • Checking and recording machine pressures
  • Check connections & wiring (supply & command)
  • Detection of any element leakage
  • Cleaning of air filters – blinds

The way we work

Maintenance & Repair by Expert Technicians Immediate response

Response within 3 days after purchasing the air conditioner maintenance service.

When your air conditioner needs maintenance:

Many of us neglect the maintenance of our air conditioner since we can not distinguish the signs that indicate the immediate need for its maintenance. Here are some of them so you can identify them as soon as possible.

Reduced or no performance.
Fan noise which can be very annoying.
Strong odor.
Conditions of reduced comfort (discomfort).
Overburdened electricity bill.

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