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Emergency AC Repair Service In Warsan Dubai

It is never a good time for our air conditioning system to break down, especially on a hot summer day. The air conditioning unit in our homes works at peak performance during hot seasons to ensure that our family is cool and comfortable. A home’s air conditioner contains many different components, some with moving parts and some that are constantly under pressurized load. Unfortunately, that makes these parts susceptible to malfunctioning and breaking down.

Experts agree that the key to years of uninterrupted, breakdown-free air conditioning service is preventive maintenance. However, many people do not have maintenance services on their home air conditioner until it suddenly stops working.

How does it work?

  • Tell us what you need by filling in the form or calling us by phone
  • Our agents will provide you with the price and will manage the appointment with the operator
  • The professionals of our company Plumberindubai will come to your home to perform the installation or explain the budget


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Benefits of air conditioning maintenance/repairing

The professionals of the company Plumber In Dubai have many years of experience in providing maintenance & repairing services for air conditioning and refrigeration systems for both simple units and complex equipment all over the UAE especially in Dubai. We help many customers feel comfortable knowing that their air conditioner will not stop working during hot summer days. With our air conditioning maintenance contract, we will keep your family in a cool and comfortable environment throughout the hot season. The advantages of properly maintaining your air conditioner are as follows:

  • You save on your electricity bill thanks to the fact that the system works optimally
  • You reduce the likelihood of an unforeseen breakdown or emergency repairs
  • Increase the life of the heating and cooling system
  • You improve and maintain indoor air quality and your comfort

To take advantage of all these benefits, it is better to do a preventive maintenance of the air conditioning before waiting for an incident to occur. 

Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance/Repairing

The purpose of the ducted air conditioning maintenance service that we offer at our company Plumber in Dubai is to extend the useful life of this appliance. It is important to carry out this process periodically not only to be able to enjoy a suitable temperature in your home, but also to take care of your health. 

Ducted air conditioners have filters that tend to become clogged with dust particles that can give a bad smell to the air that comes out of the device; dust is also responsible for poor HVAC processes or equipment overheating. 

An air conditioner maintenance technician can remove the filters, clean them, and replace them without affecting the integrity of the appliance. 

Split air conditioning maintenance/repairing

Maintaining/Repairing the split air conditioning systems is a vital procedure that can save you hassle during the summer and its heat waves. This type of air conditioning (A / C) also has filters responsible for capturing dust and bacteria from the environment. If these filters are not cleaned, in addition to the bad smell in the air, you could be breathing particles that are harmful to your health. 

The maintenance/repairing of split air conditioning must also include the disinsection of the filters and the evaporator in charge of trapping the heat from the environment and replacing it with cold air. This process can also include compressor and refrigerant maintenance.

Again, preventive maintenance/repairing of these maintenance kits is vital to avoid future breakdowns.

Our air conditioning maintenance contract

Our team of Plumber In Dubai technicians know what it takes to keep an air conditioner running smoothly. We perform regular inspection and cleaning, and we can identify and repair any problems that appear in the system. Our air conditioning maintenance contract includes:

  • Checking the condition of the filters: Having a clogged or dirty air filter in the air conditioning unit not only makes the equipment work more, but it can also block the flow of air. 
  • Check for no breakage: Refrigerant is the heart of any air conditioner and operates in a pressurized state throughout the system. Our team will check that there are no leaks that could cause a loss of cooling capacity.
  • Inspection of the condenser coil to check that it does not contain dust particles, check the pressure of the refrigerant gas and the absence of oil deposits coming from the compressor at the joints of the pipes that indicate the presence of leaks, check the condition of the trays and drainage pipes, as well as the free circulation of condensates. 

So forget about the surprises in the price of air conditioning maintenance, because with our contract, you will pay a fixed amount and enjoy a system always ready.

Other Home Refrigeration Services

Plumber In Dubai is proud to offer all its customers the following additional refrigeration services:

Air conditioning replacement

When the time comes to replace your old or damaged air conditioning unit, you can count on the professionals at Plumber In Dubai to install your new air conditioner. Get in touch with us to give you the equipment that best suits the needs of your home.

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