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 Not every apartment owner can afford to install and connect a Shattaf. This plumbing requires additional space. In addition, some, not without reason, believe that there is no need for a shattaf, because there are good alternatives.

A hygienic bath shattaf can be used for the following purposes:

  • for hygiene procedures over the toilet. It is this function that allows it to completely replace the shattaf.
  • it is convenient to clean the toilet bowl and the bathroom itself, supplying water under pressure and using a sufficiently long flexible hose.
  • you can wash the cat tray without touching the main sink, which, you see, is not very hygienic.
  • you can wash your shoes over the toilet, again, without dirtying the sink.

There are two ways to mount a hygienic bath shattaf: outdoor and  hidden, we described the second option in detail. The external version involves fastening to the washbasin shattaf. It is clear that such an installation can be used only if the sink is installed next to the toilet, at arm’s length, otherwise it will be impossible to use a bath shattaf.

The cost of a bath shattaf replace can be different, depending on the model, manufacturer, functions. For getting more detail on price Call Us: 0568770106

A shattaf is a toilet with a shattaf function. Outwardly, it is no different from the usual plumbing. However, it has special nozzles either under the rim of the bowl, on the fitting, or on the side of the bowl, built-in. When the bidet function is turned on, the water supply starts, after turning it off, the fitting simply hides under the rim. As in a conventional shower, the jet power and water temperature are controlled by the mixer. However, the direction of the jet cannot be changed. Therefore, a shattaf, unlike a hygienic shower, has only one function.

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