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Short guide to understand how to install a new designer bathtub and renovate the bathroom.

If taking a relaxing bath is no longer so pleasant because the old bathtub is uncomfortable, too small (or too big) or has a damaged surface by now, the solution could be to replace it with a modern bathtub , with an elegant and trendy design. .

No fear! To do this, it is necessary to make some evaluations, preferably with the advice of an expert in the sector who knows all the possible options and design alternatives. This post will help you to know the first elements to consider before tackling the interventions.

Replacing the bathtub with a designer bathtub: what to know

Before looking for a new model, and before falling in love with a tub that isn’t right for your situation, it’s important to ask yourself:

  1. What material is the current one made of and how it was installed
  2. How the taps are installed

1 | How is the current tank made?

If the bathtub has been placed on top of the coverings , the replacement is less invasive and faster: just remove the silicone with which it is fixed to the walls and that’s it. The tub, presumably, was only placed on the floor: after a thorough cleaning, a new design tub can be installed that may or may not respect the original dimensions.

If, on the other hand, the bathtub is in masonry and / or tiled (generally it is a basin in different materials placed on a metal frame subsequently covered with the same tiles as the bathroom) the intervention is slightly more complex. It will in fact be necessary to have a tiler or a bricklayer intervene to break the current coatings. The floor and wall surface that remains uncoated will therefore be covered with new tiles (or the same ones present, if still available) or synthetic panels. Alternatively, you could look for a larger tub than the previous one, which will completely cover the uncoated areas.

2 | Replace the tub taps

As for the taps, there are several ways to evaluate:

  • if the existing mixer is recessed into the wall and the new tank has a height similar to the previous one, it can be reused without problems;
  • if you still want to replace the taps with a more modern model, it is very likely that the predispositions of the old tub (presumably a hot and cold water connection) are also suitable for the new taps: therefore it will be enough to buy the new taps and install them at the place of the precedents.
  • if the taps are currently on the edge of the bathtub , you can either reassemble the same on the new bathtub or buy a new model: in both cases, a bathtub with a rim that has sufficient space for the tap holes will have to be found.

And what if you want to replace the bathtub with a designer freestanding bathtub?

In this case, the following interventions must be considered:

  • Drain : most likely it will have to be moved compared to the current one, to adapt to the design and position of the new tank;
  • Coverings : if the original tank is tiled, a new solution will have to be found for the areas that will remain uncovered;
  • Faucets : if the freestanding tub is placed very far from the walls, it will be necessary, in addition to moving the above mentioned drain, to provide floor taps.

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