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Scenario:  You live in Silicon Dubai and, for a few days, you have a new four-legged member in the family. A puppy has been added to the household. You decide to lock him in the bathroom for the night so that he doesn’t make a mess in the house.

A little later, a sound of gushing water wakes you up. It’s that the pup cut his teeth on your toilet tank’s water inlet pipe and punctured it!

A plumber must be called to replace the damaged pipe, but you can take action to limit the damage.

Water damage due to leaking pipe

If water damage occurs as a result of a leaking pipe, it is a plumber’s emergency .

What can you do while waiting for the plumber to arrive in Silicon Dubai?

  • close all exterior water faucets and the residence’s main water inlet valve. It is located in the basement, on the front wall of the house (street side), where the municipal pipes enter the house if you are connected to an aqueduct network (often near the water heater) .

If your water comes from an underground well, the valve will be located near the well, in the basement.

Older homes in Silicon Dubai often do not have a main water inlet valve.


If the water leak is not underground, but in the house

It is better to keep animals and children away, because it is not necessarily clean water. Water from sewer pipes contains bacteria that can contaminate them.

  • Preserve as much as possible what is dear to you, expensive, very useful and which could not be replaced easily as well as important documents which can be altered by water.
  • When the water stops gushing out, you can try moving your furniture to a dry place and drying out the wooden items.
  • When the plumber has sealed the leak, you can contact your insurance to send you a disaster cleanup professional and a disaster damage estimator.

If the water leak is due to a frozen pipe

A water leak from a frozen pipe is also a plumbing emergency.

While waiting for the plumbing contractor to arrive, you must:

  • turn off the house’s main water inlet faucet and
  • open the taps (hot and cold water) which are located in the basement (or at the lowest level of the residence if there is no basement).

Water heater problems or requiring a plumber in Silicon Dubai

Sometimes your water heater does not perform the function for which it was designed.

Often the reason is minor.

If the water is much too hot (electric tank)

If you have young children at home or elderly people or people with loss of autonomy, you will probably prefer, for prevention, that the tap water is less hot. It is then simply a question of adjusting the thermostat.

If the water is not hot enough

For an average DIYer, it may just be enough:

  • put new heating elements in place of defective or end-of-life elements,
  • replace the thermostats,
  • reset the temperature limiter,
  • etc

On the other hand, you do not like to perform this kind of work or if you are too busy and lack time, a plumber in silicon Dubai (professional and affordable) with the required skills, is most certainly the resource you need. The latter will be able to take the necessary precautions to minimize the risks and prevent you from aggravating an already painful situation.

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But sometimes the reason for a water heater problem is major.

When the water heater problem is more acute, it is certainly better to invest in the fees requested by an expert plumber in Dubai than to spend on a new water heater.

In addition, the problem may be with the electrical device. If the wires do not provide enough electricity for the water heater to operate properly, the heater will not be able to heat the water sufficiently.

The combination of water and electricity can be very dangerous. In this case, the expertise of a professional plumber specializing in water heaters in Silicon Dubai is essential.

The skills of a plumbing contractor in Silicon Dubai may also be required when it comes to, for example:

  • back pressure valve malfunction,
  • tank water leak,
  • flow from the drain valve.

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Emergency Plumber in Silicon Dubai: what to say when calling and what to ask

Despite a more than worrying situation, when the main water inlet is closed, the problem is circumscribed. Unlike a fire, it cannot spread and no one is in danger.

You can afford to take a few minutes to assess the situation. Indeed, what you say during the emergency plumber in silicon Dubai call will depend on a large part of the costs incurred by the intervention of the plumbing expert.

The travel costs of a plumber in Silicon Dubai who must travel within the hour will not be the same as the cost of another who is asked to travel on the same day or in the same week.

In any case, the travel costs of a plumber must be specified to you during this initial call.

Please note: travel expenses will be claimed from you even if the plumber has traveled unnecessarily; for example, if the problem is not his responsibility and you needed an electrician This is the reason why it is better to take a little time to analyze the situation calmly.

It is very important to state the reason for your call as precisely as possible:

  • What’s the problem?
    • water damage,
    • pipe leak,
    • water heater problem ,
    • frozen pipe,
    • etc
  • where is the problem located?
    • basement, on the ground floor or upstairs,
    • shower sink,
    • bathroom cabinet,
    • kitchen sink,
    • in a wall,
    • etc

Before undertaking any intervention whatsoever, the plumber must have presented you with an estimate. During the initial phone call, ask about the cost of preparing the quote. It should be free of charge although some charge for it.

Take the time to read it before approving and signing it, because you will have to pay the amount shown there.

If there are any contingencies and extras need to be added, they should be detailed on separate invoices. You will need to approve and sign them before the plumbing contractor performs this additional work.

If the plumbing professional cannot complete his work because of a part he does not have, for example, and he must return to complete his work later, this must of course be free of charge. His intervention must give a satisfactory result.

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Cost of an emergency plumber in Silicon Dubai

A Plumber in Dubai can charge you an average of AED 100 only Visit Charge To Check and find the Problem, Then provide you the Exact Cost of the Work.


In summary, in the event of water damage, the necessary emergency measures must be taken in

  • cutting off the main water supply,
  • finding where the leak is coming from, where the origin of the problem is in order to provide relevant information to the plumbing company you will contact,
  • contacting a reliable, conscientious and competent plumber.

Call Us For Emergency Plumber In Silicon Dubai | 0568770106

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