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Due to regular use in the toilet bowl and drain, clogging may be necessary many times. A fairly visible sign of this is the backflow of rinsing water, which can be accompanied by a strange bubbling sound. However, in order to better understand the problems, it is worth having some useful information about the operation of the toilet drain.

The cup itself is connected to the outlet, which directs the wastewater directly into the sewer. Based on the location of the stub, there are two types of toilet bowls. The back-out toilet can be observed mainly in condominiums, in this type the stub is located in the part of the wall behind the cup. In contrast, in the lower outlet versions, the stub leads to the floor. The good news is that larger obstacles are usually already stuck in the stump, unable to move on to the canal due to their size.

emergency toilet blockage opening service dubai

Therefore, if toilet odor or any other, more solid object enters the drain, mechanical devices such as a ferret or pump should not be used during clogging removal. With the effort, all we can do is push the barriers further in the pipeline. If we know for sure that this is the case, all we have to do is disconnect the cup from the stub and inspect the drain with a rubber glove.

On the other hand, the cleanliness products thrown into the toilet, the dirt in the washing water or the calcification of the toilet are responsible for the clogging many times more than this. Professionals usually encounter similar factors in the course of their work. A lesser known but more common cause may be saving. Some people like to use less rinsing water, thinking they can save money. However, inadequate amounts and strength of water are unable to transport the contents of the cup toward the channel, causing clogging over time. In the case of urinals, in addition to dropped objects, excellent minerals from the urine can cause clogging, so maintenance is of paramount importance. If you have a urinal in addition to the toilet in your bathroom, it is important to descale it from time to time. And if we put a lot of emphasis on prevention, we can also get filters made specifically for urinals in household stores. These prevent various foreign objects from entering the drain.

What does the price of a emergency toilet blockage opening service Dubai depend on?

A toilet can become clogged/blocked in many ways, from the use of a lot of toilet paper to a pipe network 10 meters deep. We always start with the cheapest solution. We don’t shoot a rabbit with a shotgun like many other anti-clogging guns. If we can solve it with cheaper solutions and faster then it is worth it to everyone. We can go to the next toilet to clear the blockage, the customer will be happy because he got away with it cheaply. Only pick up the toilet when absolutely necessary and use serious machines to remove the blockage. In short, it depends on where the blockage is.

Because we don’t know where the blockage might be (because invisibly no one can say that). Therefore, we always say a minimum and a maximum price based on the information we receive. So everyone knows what the maximum price can be, no surprise with us when it comes to clogging. The maximum price will never be higher than what we said on the phone before. No matter the severity of the problem, it does not affect. For example, a haircut will not be more expensive for a hairdresser because the client’s hair is longer.

What can clog a toilet?

  • Primarily from misuse, of course
  • Using too much toilet paper can also be a problem
  • Things that don’t fit, for example: clothes, hygiene items
  • Deposits that stick to the wall of the pipe system
  • Due to poor construction


What are the causes of Toilet Blockage?

Here some of common problems for clogged/blocked toilet are;

  • Using too much Toilet Paper
  • Do not flush properly
  • Clogged Drain Pipes
  • Grease or Fat Buildup
  • Improper Installation
Is Toilet Blockage an Emergency?

Yes, Toilet Blockage is an emergency. Especially in that case, when you are living in an apartment where only one Washroom is available. Also, it is an emergency, because when block the toilet produced a lot of smell and bacteria. who are dangerous for health.

Who is best to call for a blocked toilet?
If you have got a clogged/blocked toilet, the best way to call a professional and expert plumber. You may call us at 0568770106 via WhatsApp/Phone.

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