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No matter what your need is, Plumber in Dubai portfolio of solutions meets it. And always ensuring the best water leak, gas leak, pool leak and sewer leak repair service. For any of these, we have a highly qualified technical team.

After detecting the leak, our professionals carry out the full repair. Whether in water, sewage, floor or wall pipes, in PVC, galvanized iron, PPR or copper pipes, our service is complete, from leak hunting to repair.

PVC Pipe Repair

Like most parts, machinery and equipment, PVC pipes also need repair. To take the correct measure of repair, it is necessary to have full knowledge of the damage caused. In this type of pipe, the most common actions are to correct leaks resulting from broken or cracked pipes, which need replacement or repair.

Typically, repairs to PVC pipe are done by removing much of the punctured or broken pipe and replacing it. This service, however, requires a large wall cutout. An alternative to this action is the use of running gloves. These allow only the damaged part of the tube to be replaced by another, allowing for a smaller cut in the masonry.

In case the PVC pipe has small holes, as long as they have not reached the opposite part of the tube, there is also the option of using PVC hole covers or solutions based on acetone and plastic adhesive for PVC. The ideal is always to count on qualified professionals such as the Plumber In Dubai team. This is the only way to avoid the risk of damage to other parts of the plumbing and unnecessary waste.

Iron Pipes Repair

Iron pipes are usually found in the plumbing of older homes. Commonly used in drainage, ventilation and waste disposal systems, it is necessary to be aware of the proper procedures in case they have some defects that cause leakage.

Geofotec has the knowledge and adequate team to repair iron pipes, in case they have cracks or even holes. Among the procedures used, it is necessary to locate the exact point where the iron pipe is leaking.

Copper Pipe Repair

The most common reasons for damage to copper piping, such as holes and cracks, are age or frost damage. This results in corrosion of the metal, making it brittle and, consequently, breaking it. As corrosion occurs gradually and evenly over the years, throughout the pipe, this weakens the copper and the loss of strength. With the correct procedures and tools, such as those employed by Plumber In Dubai, a punctured or cracked copper pipe can be repaired.

Copper pipes in homes typically carry water to faucets, appliances, and heating systems. The result of copper pipes leaking onto the surfaces below the pipe can cause stains, mildew, mildew and even rot.

In the procedure for repairing copper pipe damage, the exact location of the damage is required. Next, it is necessary to cut out part of the masonry on the wall, ceiling or floor, where the copper piping meets. The water or gas supply must be turned off in order to properly access the copper pipe.

Plumber In Dubai technicians proceed with the sanding of the damaged area, with emery paper or steel brush. The hole is covered with acid-based lead-free solder flux and the permanent repair is done with a torch, with the solder fully melting over the hole.

PPR Pipe Repair (Amanco)

We repair Amanco PPR pipe using a hot melt melter with repair nozzle and PPR billet for repairs, in accordance with Amanco’s technical specifications.

For leak repairs in PVC, galvanized iron, copper or PPR Amanco pipes, count on Plumberindubai’s expertise. Call now and schedule a free, no-obligation visit. Our service is 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

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