Expert Washing Machine Repair Service In Dubai

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Our company PLUMBERINDUBAI  provides the all kind of Auto, Semi-Auto, Manual Washing Machines Repairing, Maintenance & Cleaning Services in Dubai & their Surrounded Areas.

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Expert Washing Machine Repair Service In Dubai

Repair of washing machines is one of the main activities of the Plumber In Dubai Authorized Service Center. In order to carry out prompt and high-quality repairs, Plumber In Dubai provides technical cooperation with all leading manufacturers of household appliances. Corporations INDESIT, SAMSUNG, LG, ARISTON, WHIRLPOOL, BOSCH, SIEMENS, ELECTROLUX, AEG, BEKO, HANSA, GORENJE and many others entrust us with the repair of their equipment.

Our main goal of our Company is to perform prompt, high-quality repairs at a convenient time for the Client. Continuous improvement of internal processes allows us to make the stages of work transparent for our Customers. For the convenience of the Clients, an SMS notification system has been introduced, informing about the date and time of the departure of the washing machine repairman, the completion of the repair, or all the points that require coordination with the client. On our website you can control the progress of the repair of your washing machine and other equipment, in the form of a request “Check order status”. You can always get the information you are interested in by calling our Call-center by phone +971 56 877 0106 or by asking a question in the “Question-Answer” topic.

  • The service staff has the largest and most experienced team of engineers for the repair of washing machines in Dubai. There are always at least 15 employees on the line. Departure is carried out in the city of Dubai and Surrounded Areas at a time any Time 24 Hours Available. We are ready to work not only on weekdays, but also on weekends.
  • The warehouse of spare parts for washing machines is the largest in the Dubai, which allows you to have a huge range of spare parts at the lowest prices in the Dubai. The master always has everything necessary for repair – from the  pump ,  heating element , belt to the engine and  control board . Thanks to direct deliveries from manufacturers’ warehouses, delivery times and prices for parts are minimal. In the process of performing work, our customers receive an additional discount on the part up to 10% and a six-month warranty.
  • The technical level of service specialists is constantly increasing. Masters attend online trainings and technical seminars of manufacturers weekly, which guarantees high qualification and technical savvy in the field of washing machine repair Service.
  • For the convenience of our customers, we repair washing machines service at home. Only in cases of particularly complex work related to the replacement of the tank, drum or bearings, we can deliver the washing machine to the workshop. The workshop is equipped with all the necessary equipment for diagnostics and repairs of any complexity.
  • It is very easy to call a washing machine repairman. An application can be made on the website by filling out the “master’s call” form or by calling the multi-channel phone +971 56 877 0106 to our dispatch center. Applications are accepted daily, seven days a week.

Recommendations for clients

Malfunctions in the operation of the washing machine are not always associated with a malfunction of its elements; sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to the correct installation, connection, or to clean the filters. Here are some recommendations:

Washing machine malfunctionsPossible malfunctionsRecommendations to clients
Doesn’t turn onFaulty switch, blocking, moduleCheck outlet, do not use extension cords.
Simultaneous intake and discharge of waterFaulty water level switch, incorrectly drained waterRedo the drain, providing a break in the drained water and the water in the sewer. Make a drain on the edge of the bath
No set of waterFilling valve defectCheck if the water supply valve is open. Clean the inlet filter
Doesn’t drain waterDrain pump or control module failureCheck the patency of the drain, remove the plug in the siphon, clean the drain pump filter
Noise, high vibrationWear of bearings, drum shaft, defective shock absorbers, tank suspension, drain pumpLevel the washing machine, check if foreign objects have entered the tank
Drum does not rotateDeterioration of the drive belt, defective heating element, motor or control board

How to choose the right repair shop

Today, a washing machine is an intelligent technique with which you can talk, you just need to know the code language. Manufacturers are trying in every possible way to keep technical achievements secret and restrict access to documentation. Only Authorized Service Centers are provided with special diagnostic equipment and access to assembly drawings, electrical diagrams, cyclograms, and most importantly, to the washing machine software. Our Staff can easily read the statistics of service errors and fault codes, if necessary, they can reprogram electronic components instead of replacing them. We carry out work not at random, but after a thorough diagnosis, saving you money and time.

When choosing a washing machine repairman, trust Authorized services that produce competent diagnostics and qualified work. There are only a few such services and they are easy to distinguish – only official services of manufacturers perform both paid and warranty repairs.

Washing machine repair cost

For Estimate The Price Of Washing machine Repairing Cost Call Us Our Technician Via WhatsApp Or Phone at : 0568770106

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