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A linear drain in the floor is a modern and fashionable solution that is becoming more and more popular over the years. However, it is a good idea to learn a little more about it before making a decision, because a linear drain cannot be installed at any time.

You need to think about a linear drain at the stage of building a house, or during major repairs. It is located inside the shower cabin , not the tray, and is almost invisible. Its components are hidden in the floor or wall. Linear drain – how to install it and what are its advantages?

It is convenient to use a linear drain, but its installation and replacement requires knowledge and experience. Before installation or replacement, we must properly prepare the premises. The work that needs to be done includes the installation of the shower channel, the exact measurements of the place where the trap will be placed, and the laying of the concrete layer. Considering all the complexities of installing a linear drain, its location, the dimensions of the bathroom, you need to inquire about other types of drains. The price of the set depends on the selected drain. To this should be added the cost of the previously mentioned construction works, as well as the cost of the work of installation specialists.

Hair, soap scum, and other material are known to clog linear floor drains. Regular maintenance is essential for avoiding backups. Weekly, pour hot water combined with baking soda and vinegar down the drain. To physically remove hair and muck buried deep in the drain pipe, use a zip-it cleaning tool or small plastic snake for severe clogs. Annually, seek expert hydro jetting to blast away difficult clogs. Allowing water to freely flow via linear drains protects floors from flooding and overflow during baths and showers. It is critical to unclog them on a regular basis.

The construction of a linear floor drain is quite simple. It consists of a siphon, a chute, and an open grate. However, it is important to remember that there are several types of drains, and depending on which linear drain the customer chooses, the installation will look different. The first type is a wall drain, which is installed in the wall, and the water in the siphon flows by gravity. The second type is a tiled drain. This solution is a good option if the customer wants the drain to be hidden. However, we should know that access to the gutter is difficult, which means that cleaning it will not be easy. The last type is a corner drain. Its advantage is higher throughput and quick water removal. As the name suggests, this type of linear drain is placed in the corner of the shower.

The first thing that can help in making a purchase decision is aesthetics and minimalism. Installation of a linear drain in the shower significantly increases the comfort of use. Since there is no shower tray on the floor, there is no need to raise your feet high, which is very convenient for children, the elderly or people with disabilities. The second advantage is a minimalist appearance that fits well with the principles of modern style. In addition, a bathroom with a linear shower seems more spacious. This means there is a great option for smaller bathrooms. In addition, with the help of a linear drain, it is easier to keep the room clean – we can simply wipe the floor in the shower when cleaning the bathroom. Despite the many advantages, the linear drain has its drawbacks. Cleaning the tiles in the shower cabin is easy, but cleaning the grout for the seams can be uncomfortable, as well as the silicone, which needs to be replaced sometimes . Another disadvantage of installing a linear drain in the floor is the price, which is often higher than installing a shower tray. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the linear drain is quite demanding in terms of installation. Unlike a shower tray , it cannot be installed at any time . It is best to think about this when designing the bathroom. In addition, the bathroom in which we want to install a linear drain must have an additional waterproof membrane on the walls and floor.

Regardless of whether we choose a wall, tile or corner linear drain, the installation consists of several stages. The first step is to check the floor type and floor type in the building. If the private house does not yet have a floor, we lay the drain and concrete, install the siphon and lay the screed. If it is a shower drain in a beam-block floor, it is installed during the construction of a separate floor. First, the component gutters are placed in it, and then it is concreted. When installing a linear drain in an apartment building with a steel floor or a solid floor, the shower drain should be located under the floor and masked with plasterboard.
Once the shower drain is installed, you can proceed to install the linear floor drain components. The drain should always be higher than the place of connection to the sewer, and the mesh should go under the tile by 1-2 mm. Regardless of where the drain is located – in the wall or on the floor, it should be located next to the shower panel. There is always information on the recommended slope on the package of the set. You should also remember about drainage. There are two solutions to choose from: with point drainage, a slope on four sides and with linear drainage, a slope on two sides.

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After everything is installed, the concrete is set and dry, the next step is insulation. The outlet of the siphon is closed with a sealing tape, which is also used in the corners of the shower cabin. A liquid waterproofing membrane is applied to walls and floors as waterproofing. This should be applied to the entire floor surface and to the walls at a height of at least 1.5 m from the floor.

Only after the completion of all the above works can you proceed to laying tiles, which is a confirmation of the previous statement that a linear drain cannot be properly installed in a room where only surface repairs are to be made. Laying tiles starts from the drain side. Small tiles are the best choice because they will not need to be cut. An alternative to a linear shower can be an ultra-thin shower tray. It is placed almost at floor level or can be flush with the floor, so it will be as convenient to use as a linear shower.

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