Sound system installation

What is Sound System?

Sound System is a enforcement system, which is able to amplify the Sound for an audience.

Sound System is the combination of Mic, Signal processor,  Loud Speaker & Amplifier.

What is Mic?

Mic is an electronics component which is able to take voice from a Person and send it to system.

What is Signal Processor?

Signal Processor is a Microprocessor chip, which is able to take real-world signals like voice, audio, video, temperature, pressure, or position that have been digitized and then mathematically manipulate them. A DSP is designed for performing mathematical¬†functions like “add”, “subtract”, “multiply” and “divide” very quickly.

what is Loud Speaker?

Loud Speaker is a component which is able to send/transmit the voice to audience.

What is Amplifier?

Amplifier is the combination of microchips which is able to Boost the voice and Amplify the sound for the audience.

Sound System
Sound System
Sound System
Sound System Speaker

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