Water Filter Installation Service Dubai

Water Filter Installation Service Dubai

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The health of any person depends on what kind of liquid he uses as a drink. The most useful for health and recommended by doctors and scientists is clean drinking water. It must be completely cleaned of harmful microorganisms and foreign impurities. Before being fed into the water supply system, it must undergo a decontamination process, evaluated by the number of E. coli contained in it per liter of water. This assessment is made because Escherichia coli is very common and very resistant to most antibacterial agents. If there are not enough of them, then, consequently, there will be few other microbes. Drinkable water should not contain more than three units per liter. No less harmful to health are the impurities contained in it. Drinking water should not be hard, i.e. the presence of salts in its composition should not exceed 7 mg-eq./l. It should not contain a large amount of ammonium — its presence in the soil moisture indicates that nitrogen fertilizers were recently introduced there. Also, clean and drinkable water should not contain a large amount of nitrites, iron, sulfides, free chlorine and organic impurities should be completely absent. Despite the fact that you can take water from an artesian well on your site, all these impurities and substances can also be present in it and greatly worsen its organoleptic characteristics. To determine these indicators, you need to regularly analyze the water from your source. If the result is unsatisfactory, then it is necessary to carry out water treatment measures. The most common method of water purification is the use of modern water purification filters.

Water Filter Installation Service Dubai

The importance of water filtration for the home

Filtration needs not only tap water in an apartment building, but also water from artesian wells or wells. Filtering water is a necessity not only for health reasons. Contamination contained in the water coming through the pipes can not only harm the body, but also disable plumbing, boiler equipment, and household appliances. Hard water eventually destroys parts of washing machines, kettles and thermal pots, clogs pipes and aerators with plaque. This is why it is so important to use special filters in the water treatment system.

Modern water filters

The filters currently used meet all human requirements for the preparation of clean drinking water. They purify water from mechanical impurities, such as sand or rust, suspended clay particles, and various suspensions. Filters are able to clean the tap water in your home from dissolved inorganic substances such as iron or manganese, gases (chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, etc.), hard salts, bacteria, particles and impurities of organic matter contained in artesian water.

With any composition in your source, with a good filter for water purification, you are not afraid of any harmful impurities in its composition. There are several types of filtering devices on the market.


This aquafilter is simple in principle of action and in use. It cleans the mesh filters it contains. This filter completely removes all mechanical impurities, protects the water treatment equipment from further breakdowns and is capable of self-washing.

These devices successfully remove iron and manganese dissolved in the water.The process of regeneration of the filter material is started automatically in them.

These cleaning devices remove dissolved gases from drinking tap water and start only when the water supply is switched on.

This type of water treatment filter reduces the content of dissolved calcium and magnesium ions in the water. These ions they cause plaque and cause increased water hardness.

In this water filter, coal acts as a sorbent. Thanks to it, drinking water is effectively cleaned of organic particles.

These filters are versatile and suitable for all types of contaminated water, effectively purifying it up to 99%.

They are used together with other filtering and sorbing devices. These pumps measure the supply of cleaning reagents supplied to the filtered water.

Ultraviolet radiation allows you to effectively fight the bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms contained in the water.

Choosing and buying a water filter

The type of aquafilter used, the device or their application in a complex is selected individually, based on the results of water analysis, its composition and priority tasks for cleaning drinking tap water in your home and what impurities you will have to deal with. After you have made a water analysis with us, you can ask us to help you choose and make a plan for your home’s water treatment system. We will choose the right equipment for you, install it yourself, and you and your loved ones will be able to drink clean, safe and healthy water.

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The standard installation and connection of a water purification filter are includes:

  • unpacking the filter;
  • installing a water supply tap;
  • installing a clean water tap in the finished hole;
  • installing the filter under the sink;
  • connecting the filter;
  • trial run and consultation;
  • the master’s work is guaranteed for 1 month.

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