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We provide the professional services for commercial and industrial cleaning and repairing of drinking water tanks in Dubai and its surrounded areas. The technical equipment of our company allows us to start working on cleaning and repairing tanks in compliance with all standards of bacteriological safety. All work, including design and estimate work, is carried out by us in the shortest possible time.

Water Tank Cleaning And Repairing Service Dubai

Water Tank Cleaning:

The tanker is a piece of equipment intended for storage of a variety of large one-of-a substances, usually chemical, for a lot of times, they can also be toxic and harmful to the environment and to human health. For this reason, to carry out the cleaning of the tanks is very important.

Over time, these harmful substances can build up on the walls, and at the bottom of the tank, with the potential to generate many problems in the industry and, in the case of a reduction in the volume of the tank, and a change in the characteristics of the fluid to the store.

In order to avoid these problems, it is vital for the industry to adopt a plan for the cleaning of tanks for the commercial and industrial, you will be able to remove the sediments that are accumulated, thus avoiding contamination while maintaining the quality of the product and the product stored.

To carry out the correct procedures for cleaning tanks and industrial, it’s vital to ensure the quality of the product and the safety and security of staff across a company. But do you know what steps to take to excellence is the result of the cleaning of the tanks, the automated? Here’s to the next!

The steps for the cleaning of the tank

  1. A study of the needs of the operation, together with the experts, Technicians;
  2. The identification of the solvent that is compatible with that in the dirt (water, organic solvent or inorganic);
  3. The determination of the optimum temperature for the clean-up process;
  4. The scaling of the pressure and the flow rate of the fluid that is recommended for the better,
  5. The efficiency of a process that is 100 to 200 bar)
  6. The definition of the need for the application of chemical-specific processes;
  7. To assess the degree of automation and process control is required.
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Solutions for fixed and mobile convenience in cleaning large tanks such as the Isotanques to the smaller IBCs and drums.

For all tank sizes can be used, in combination: a high pressure, hot water heater, pumps, dosadoras washing-up liquid, and the heads of the cleaning, the rotating high-pressure, and that it is installed according to the diameter of the tank, the flow rate and pressure to be used.

In the case of containers, reactors, fixed equipment, the cleaning of the tanks may be mobile, active both on the inside and on the outside of the plant. In this type of application, a developer only needs to position the mobile device and then insert the printhead cleaner rotating the tank to be cleaned up, fire up the system and wait for the completion of the transaction.

An example of such a solution, as well as that of the IBCs, it is a routine cleaning of the barrels and boxes in the process industries, food processing, and chemicals.

Solutions for large-scale cleaning of the tanks, commercial and industrial, fast, and efficient, even for large quantities:

The clearance of the manual for the big tank can be a real challenge, not only because of the removal of the waste, but also due to the risk to the staff working in such a confined space. On the other hand, is a system for cleaning the tanks in the industrial and facilitates the whole process. After all, it becomes an automatic transmission, and allows for the fulfillment of the NO. 33 in the Ministry of Labour (which sets out the requirements to further ensure the safety of the professionals who work in a confined space).

This is because the procedures for tank cleaning, industrial automated, it is not necessary the input from the developer into the tank. That is, the nozzle shall be inserted in the container in order for the automatic, and the jets of pressurized water that come out of the air, and in the center of the pump, they are put on the spot. Control, configuration and monitoring of the entire cleaning process is done by using a computer program, so that they are fully intelligent, and without any risk to the safety of the workers. Thus, the cleaning of storage tanks for the food, fuel, and other chemicals, and if it makes it faster, easier, and cost-effective

Water Tank Repair Services In Dubai

Our company Plumber In Dubai provides best services for the repair of tanks and reservoirs. We have been working in this field for 10 years, during which time we have accumulated enough experience to ensure that our work is of high quality and meets all modern standards.

Causes of tank failure:

Unfortunately, no product can last forever. As for the tanks, there are a lot of options for which they can fail. It is not uncommon for a completely new product to fail, most often the reason for this is:

  • errors in the design of the structure;
  • incorrect installation (this includes poor-quality material from which the product is made, poorly performed welding, etc.);
  • operating conditions may not coincide with the calculated ones (here we can also talk about the natural conditions in which the tank needs to be located);
  • rapidly developing corrosion due to certain environmental factors;
  • transportation errors that result in cracks, chips, dents, and similar defects.

Types Of Work Related To Water Tank

  • Repair of steel tanks
  • Welding of cracks in the floor, walls and roof
  • Water jet cleaning of tanks from the inside
  • Cleaning the tank surface from rust and irregularities
  • High-pressure tank cleaning
  • Sandblasting of tanks
  • Cleaning the tank from the inside of dirt and dust
  • Dedusting of metal structures
  • Repair of vertical tanks
  • Priming of metal structures
  • Fire-resistant painting of tanks
  • Corrosion protection of the tank
  • Airless tank painting (in 1 coat)
  • Repair of water tanks
  • Repair of fuel tanks
  • Repair of gas station tanks
  • Repair of RVS tanks
  • Repair of concrete tanks
  • Airless silo tank painting (in 2 layers)
  • Painting the tank by air method
  • Painting the tank inside
  • Comprehensive anti-corrosion painting
  • Cleaning metal from rust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to hire a commercial cleaning team?

Usually, this time-consuming process involves a team of three people (one diver and two observers) entering an enclosed space, which is also an expensive and risky type of work. Having to put a person in a place where there is only one way out and they rely on their survival equipment is not the safest option to do this job.

Placing a diver in drinking water is also not the most hygienic, it is difficult to disinfect an entire diving suit, which can also be used in drinking water before entering the tank. Therefore, in this situation, it is correct to trust our experienced specialists. And if you are interested in cleaning and disinfection of rfv, which can be ordered through the website, then we will be happy to help you.

Plumber In Dubai experts recommend not to clean the tank yourself, but to contact an experienced staff of specialists who are well versed in this area. Having obtained the necessary result, you can improve your own activities in a short time and at a low price.

Why is it important to keep your tanks clean?

Remote-controlled vehicles and crawler excavators can be disinfected using chlorine solutions (usually 200 ppm), and due to their small size, they are not difficult to keep clean. It has a dedicated low-light camera and bright LED spotlights on board so you can see your work. As well as additional camera options for a wider view from above of the vacuum head when it is moved.

Once deployed, the vacuum head can be connected to the submersible pump (sometimes called a sump pump or trash pump) with a hose, and the crawler will move the vacuum head nozzle around the bottom and suck up sediment, silt. The articulated arm allows the crawler to raise and lower the vacuum head while you are in the vacuum position. It also allows the operator to rotate the head 20 degrees to capture edges, corners, or around supports or risers.

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