Emergency AC Repair Service In Damac Dubai

Hire For Emergency AC Repair Service In Damac Dubai

If you need any Emergency AC Repair Service In Damac Dubai. then feel free & don't hesitate to contact us any time.

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Emergency AC Repair Service In Damac Dubai

Having problems with your air conditioner? Then send us a repair request on repairing the air conditioning system to us now, free of charge and without obligation. Simply use the following link: Submit a workshop request Repairing an air conditioning system is no easy task. The air conditioning system consists of many components, lines and circuits. It is therefore important that a AC Technician lends a hand when it comes to repairing the air conditioning system. Here, not only is work done with environmentally harmful substances. The air conditioner is under pressure and improper handling can be dangerous for everyone involved.

An air conditioner is a device that creates and maintains a uniform indoor climate. However, an air conditioner is often only understood as a system for cooling the interior. The main task of an air conditioning system is to keep the interior temperature constant by cooling or heating and to ensure a comfortable room climate. It also dehumidifies the air and also ensures that it is cleaned or filtered.

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Function and design of the air conditioning system

Two energy carrier circuits with different temperature levels, a heating circuit and a refrigerant circuit, are required for air conditioning. An air conditioner consists of the following components:

       1. Air conditioning compressor
       2. Coolant condenser/condenser with fan
       3. Dryer/filter (incl. filter)
       4. Expansion valve
       5. Evaporator
       6. Blower
       7. Hoses and pipes
       8. Control unit

All of these air conditioning components are connected to form a refrigerant circuit. The refrigerant circulates in this cycle and constantly changes between gaseous and liquid state of aggregation. As a result, it can absorb heat, transport it and release it again.

First, the air conditioning compressor sucks in the gaseous refrigerant that has already evaporated in the evaporator and compresses it. Compression reduces the volume of the refrigerant on the one hand and increases its temperature on the other. From there, the heated refrigerant is transported via pressure lines to the coolant condenser. There, the pressurized refrigerant is cooled by the ambient air and the wind, causing it to change its physical state from gaseous to liquid (it condenses). From there, the liquefied refrigerant goes to the dryer/filter, a replaceable filter cartridge that cleans or dries the refrigerant with each cycle. A nozzle in the expansion valve injects the pressurized liquid refrigerant into the evaporator, where it is atomized by the sudden expansion . 

Due to the simultaneous drop in pressure, the refrigerant reaches its boiling point and the actual cooling process begins, for evaporation heat is required. This is extracted from the air that is blown by the fan past the evaporator into the vehicle interior. The gaseous or vaporized Air Conditioner is then sucked in again by the air conditioning compressor and the cycle begins again.


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