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Emergency AC Repair Service In Downtown Dubai

The air conditioning regulates the room temperature. But what to do when the air conditioner no longer cools down a room in the summer heat? You can find out the most common reasons why the air conditioning system could be defective in our guide.

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Possible causes of a defective air conditioner

If the air conditioning system is not working, the following causes are the most likely:

  • Wrong programming
  • dust and dirt
  • Clogged exhaust hose
  • Overflowing condensate tank
  • A/C compressor broken
  • Leak in the cooling circuit

Wrong programming

Before you embark on intensive troubleshooting, you should check the programming of your air conditioner. If the unit is not cooling properly but is still providing some ventilation, the air conditioning may be improperly adjusted. Perhaps the system is also in night or sleep mode – then the full performance is not called up.

dust and dirt

Air conditioning always creates turbulence in the air. Warm air is sucked in, cold air is expelled. Dust is always sucked into the device. Air conditioners are equipped with filters to remove precisely these contaminants from the air. If the filter has not been changed for a long time, it will become clogged. The air can no longer circulate properly, so the cooling cycle no longer takes place properly. Therefore, clean the filter regularly. For split units, you should also clean the outdoor unit with a suitable spray to avoid dust and dirt.

Clogged exhaust hose

A clogged exhaust air hose also means that the cooling circuit cannot take place properly. The hose must be installed as straight as possible – i.e. without bends if possible – the outlet must not be blocked under any circumstances.

Condensate tank overflows

This problem only occurs with mobile monoblock devices. In split air conditioning systems, the condensate is routed to the outside via pipes. Empty the condensate tank regularly to avoid malfunctions. If the drains in a split device are blocked , there are some measures you can take yourself, but you often have to consult a specialist company.

compressor broken

The compressor compresses the refrigerant. As a result, the agent becomes liquid and can absorb the heat from the air inside the room. The compressor no longer works? Then the air conditioning no longer works! Even if some faults in compressors can be rectified yourself, you should consult a specialist company. You can recognize this defect relatively easily: The air conditioning does not start. The typical, slightly humming noise (caused by the compressor) is absent.

Leak in the cooling circuit

Unlike air conditioning systems in cars, the refrigerant circuit in a permanently installed system in the house is completely impermeable. However, small leaks can occur over the years. The air conditioning works less and less efficiently.
While you can check the refrigerant level on many air conditioners yourself, you should call a technician to fill the air conditioner.


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