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Blockages in the shower: what to do?

If the water in the shower stall goes out slowly, and lingers in the tray, most likely, the drain is clogged. It is very rare to manage a problem on your own without damaging the communication lines. Removing a blockage in the shower is best left to professionals.

What are the causes of clogged shower drains?

Most often, traffic jams are formed from hair falling into the drain, soap particles and fat gradually settling on the inside of the pipeline. But a blockage in the shower stall can occur if operational standards are violated.:

  • water is sent to the drain after wet cleaning;
  • dirty shoes are cleaned in the shower;
  • fluffy pets are washed in the shower tray.

To avoid hair, wool, or pieces of dirt or sand getting stuck in inaccessible areas of the pipeline, a special mesh should be installed on the drain hole. But this will not save you from fat deposits from the inside of pipes or traffic jams formed due to the wear of the main line.

Please note that water may flow slowly or stagnate due to local or general reasons. In the first case, a blockage occurs in the sewer pipeline of a particular apartment, in the second-the entire house. In case of large-scale problems, calling specialists is mandatory.

Advantages of ordering a unclog shower drain service form plumberindubai

In our company, you can order a service for cleaning the shower ladder or unclog shower drain service. Even if the drain is installed, plumbers will be able to find a way to clean it. They use mechanical, chemical and hydrodynamic methods to remove the plug in the pipeline. They can also conduct a video inspection in order to choose the correct method of cleaning and unclogging without damaging the sewer system. The wizards will help you determine the cause of the blockage: the siphon is broken, the drain pipe is tilted incorrectly, and other reasons.

Advantages of working with our company:

  • we work without breaks and weekends 24/7;
  • the plumber will come to your home in 10 minutes after your call;
  • low price due to the use of our own equipment and special equipment.

If you have any problems in the shower stall, water does not go out, or an unpleasant smell appears, then call us or leave a request in the WhatsApp Message to eliminate the blockage in the shower. The operator will tell you the prices when you describe your situation during the call. We work around Dubai and its surrounding areas.

unclog shower drain service dubai

Where to contact if you need to clean the pipes in the shower

Service company “Plumber in Dubai” provides services for the elimination of traffic jams in shower drains. Advantages of cooperation:

  • round-the-clock call;
  • departure in Dubai and its surrounding areas;
  • arrival within half an hour;
  • providing a guarantee;
  • low prices.

The company’s employees have experience in removing blockages of any complexity. They have all the necessary tools at their disposal. If necessary, they will perform diagnostics using video inspection equipment. This procedure allows you to choose the optimal technology to eliminate the blockage quickly and without consequences.

If the traffic jam is small, cleaning the ladder in the shower is carried out by means of manual devices: a cable with a rigid tip or a pneumatic plunger gun. You can eliminate complex blockages by using electromechanical cleaning devices. They can even remove old traffic jams. During cleaning, the plumber is able to identify installation defects: the incorrect slope of the main line, breakage of parts, for example, a siphon. With such problems, the sewer system needs to be repaired.

Standard household chemicals that eliminate toilet plugs are not suitable for removing blockages in the shower stall. These are acid compounds that corrode the drain hose and other plastic parts. Acids damage not only gaskets made of rubber but also the surface of the pallet, leading to the cracking of acrylic. Plastic parts, collapsing under the influence of the product, increase the resulting blockage.

If you have any problems with the shower drain, please call (+971) 56 877 0106 or leave a request on the website of the company “Plumber In Dubai“. On the resource, you can calculate the exact cost of the service using a special calculator.

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